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~We can translate games from Japanese to English.

Fiction Studio has also launched a game translation (localization) business.
We assign a suitable translation writer for your project and manage the project responsibly until delivery. We will assign a suitable translation writer for your project and manage them responsibly until delivery.
We have professional game writers on staff.
Our professional game writers are able to provide high quality game translations.

Request Procedure

Translation Plans

A)Basic Plan(Game translation + native checking)

This plan combines game translation and native checking. The scenario translated by the translation writer will be fine-tuned by a native or native-competent translator who is familiar with the target language to identify areas of discrepancy, as well as proofreading for slang, omissions, mistranslations, and misspellings.
Native checking is essential when a certain quality is required.

B)Native Check(secondary translation)

This plan includes only native checking of the translated document once it has been translated into the target language.

Fee Guide

Basic PlanJapanese → English¥12~ / character
English → Japanese¥18~/ word
Native CheckJapanese → English¥8~/ word
English → Japanese¥5~ / character

Non-Game Translations

We also have a number of translation writers with non-game translation experience registered with us.
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail.